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choco mille-feuille
salmon with cucumber sirup
Cod panzanella
cod with sweet onions
Shrimps carot orange
Quinoa salad
Pork belly
lobster salad
Grand cru chocolate
Bento Box..
Atlantik salmon
roasted vegetables with black truffle
chicken wings
Onion risotto
sauteed vegetables with celeriac puree
Sushi & Sake promotion
pizza on fire
tomato mozzarella with condiments
spaghetti green view 2
stuffed potatoes gnocchis
pork belly
grilled vegetable with star anis carot puree
ceasar salad sushi with chciken teriyaki
rack of lamb at megu
puff tomato tart on the stone
Bento Box on black reflection
salmon with spazles & wine reduction
Through the looking glass
Bisquebouille at the Qube
Bengali biryani
beef with garlic bonbon
panna cotta
Margarita pizza
Vol au vent
capuccino tart
My burger
Lemon panna cotta
From the Tandoor
fruit tart
crispy black cod with leek fondue
Gratinated cod fish
double cooked mozzarella with pumpkin puree
Foie gras with mango puree
Martini & olives at dusk
peach cream with olive oil
Papaya soup
milk shake
Martini and crostini
ricotta mousse
pumpkin risotto with green pea & beetroot chips
pumpkin risotto
Indigo Byriani
beetroot risotto
white truffle
the Cocktail
Ice cream and cookie

The purpose of most culinary photography is marketing. For this, the most interesting scene has to be created to awaken the senses of taste. Every chef has a way of designing a dish and it is very interesting to capture their artistic abilities.


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